The Fallen Wasteland is a dangerous stretch of land that inhabits multiple monsters of various species. Alongside mythical monsters in The Wasteland lie ancient ruins, abandoned camps and makeshift towns created by those who have survived the apocalypse. The Wasteland rests east of Falnor, the western and more protected region of the continent. The Dead Valley divides Falnor from the Wastelands which then begin with the treacherous Spine of the Continent – an ancient mountain range that reaches from the Bay of Falnor, south to the Drifting Seas. To the east of the Spine lie The Lost Sands, an arid desert that stretches for miles, from the north to south, and to the east. In the southern region of The Sands lies buried what used to be Al’Abad, a desert town; however after the apocalypse it wasted away, and all that remains are some abandoned camps. To the northeast of The Sands, one will come upon a steppe, on which lie the Winterlands, a frost bitten tundra, inhabited by only the most hardened souls, and dangerously adapted creatures.

The Fallen Wastelands